What does your digital footprint say about you?

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Have you ever googled yourself? If you have not done so, please do. For those who have done it, what did you find? Is it not scary that this is what the world sees when they search for you? The world in this case is your employer, supervisor, colleague, future partner and yes your mother. So what does your digital footprint say about you? A digital footprint is your online reputation which is synonymous with how people view you. Continue reading


How to make your content go viral

viral_mainGoing viral can be likened to hot headlines on the front page of a newspaper.  Everybody talks about it at the water dispenser, during lunch, in traffic, at the parking lot, at the salon then it is taken to the social streets. Prior to today’s technology, these conversations would be confined to our circles. Today, thankfully, throngs of people can have one conversation no matter where they are in the world. So how do you make your content trend? How do you make the world talk about your brand? Here are some tips that have yielded results. Continue reading

Market Disruptors in Kenya and Africa

A better name is market noisemakers. These are the brands and companies that have caused a shift in the way our lives operate. An interesting fact is that all these new players, which are by and large digitally based, are out to benefit the consumer. The various products and service providers have to find a way to capture and maintain the consumer’s attention who continues to be impressed by different brands. The bar for quality is constantly raised and you either in or out, no grey area. Here are some of the market disruptors in Kenya and Africa. Continue reading

Why you need the Space Hunter

Real Estate is big in Kenya as property prices continue to rise. Literally, a two bedroom in a high end estate will range between Sh15 million and Sh20 million. Investing in Real Estate can be a gamble you might lose when you have beautiful houses that no one is renting or buying. This could be after investing more money in marketing by having billboards on every highway, newspaper ads, buying slots during prime time TV or activation on radio. That is followed up by an open house that is nothing short of glamorous just to give the potential clients a taste of what you have to offer. While attending an investment forum a few weeks ago, a very kind lady went ahead and promised a picnic after the tour. Can a bowl of salad change how one feels about the kitchen, bathroom or the home in general? Open houses are not as effective as they once were and can be a waste of time for the homeowner if there is no proper strategy in place. The question is what do you do then to get people to your space? Continue reading

How to plan for digital marketing

In the wake of digital marketing, it is not surprising that you feel clueless. Many organizations are still grappling with understanding why they need a Facebook page, a Twitter handle and a blog. As soon as you try to make your way around Instagram, Snap-chat shows up. It is very easy to feel stifled by all these social media platforms. The amount of energy required to maintain a social media presence is unbelievable. Seeing that it we cannot escape change how then do demystify Digital Marketing? Continue reading